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Please let us know how your experience goes and read below some experiences from past customers.

"Anyone who is in a position needing to plan funeral services for their loved one knows it's very hard... Your emotions take you over and you question everything. My sister and I had the benefit of planning both our parents services a few months prior to our mom passing away last year. Doing "pre-planning" saved our family money in the long-run, and combined with the fact your family member is still with you, it truly makes it easier to plan. Given this, all we had to do after "pre-paying" for the Funeral Services were minimal items, in addition to ordering the casket. This is my second purchase with the same online casket company in LESS than two years. Our father selected the casket for our mom and he selected two caskets for himself, leaving it up to my sister and I to choose which one we wanted. Ordering through this place is very simple and having purchased two different caskets from them I can say from personal experience the quality is everything your loved one would want, there is a large selection to choose from and you will receive the casket the day after you call. For both of my orders I ordered around 10:00 pm (PST) and the caskets were delivered the next afternoon by 4:00 pm. It made things so much easier on me versus paying 10X the amount at the Funeral Home. A helpful reference for anyone reading this... Funeral Homes (including ours in our hometown) also purchases from this online casket company and the mark-up is just like it were jewelry."


I had the sad occasion to contact Fast Caskets to purchase a casket for my brother. I had the blessed pleasure of speaking with Rex who was so gracious. I explained my situation and the need for the casket as time was of the essence. Rex verbally calmed me and assured me everything would be alright and that I must not worry. Having prayed before making this call, God answered my prayer with Rex answering the call. There was a glitch with my credit card the night before and the bank was closed. Rex assured me all would be well and to call when the bank opened. Just as Rex said, all was well and then notified the Funeral Home when the casket would be delivered. I am so grateful for Rex and Colby. I am determined to refer everyone I know who may be in need of their services, to call their number. My prayer is that God would bless Rex and Colby in a special way and that this business would flourish to continue serving those in need. Your kindness will never be forgotten. Peace and blessings.

~Mary L. Washington~

Just wanted to reassure anyone who may be hesitant about purchasing a casket online. Rest assure that you are in good hands with this company. Travis took care of our family in our time of need as promised. We ordered the "Lincoln" for our loved one and it was even more beautiful in person. Exquisite Solid cherry wood. Not a dent or scratch on it. I am comforted knowing my husband is resting in piece for eternal life in such luxury as he so deserved. Thank you Travis for putting me at ease and handling this order personally!! You have a returning customer and I will refer you to anyone that may be in need. Take care!!


The American Red Cedar casket was absolutely beautiful. You and your staff's help was outstanding during such a critical time. Thank you so very much.


We just wanted to say thank you for getting our casket to us a day earlier than anticipated. Ordering with you guys was so easy. It really made us feel like we had some control over how much money we wanted to bury. Thank you so much for your fast and courteous service. We will definitely be telling our friends and family about your products and service.

~Jean Ostrander~

In todays world it is very hard to know if people are telling the truth or scamming you. I was very skeptical about your company and what you claimed that you could do for me, but I was wrong. Your company is very truthful. You did exactly what you said you would do and I appreciate it. You are good guys and I am going to tell all of my family and anyone I know who needs a casket to go to you guys. Thank you.

~Mr. Medmed.~

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the casket. It was so beautiful. I and my family are so pleased! The service, price, and product was everything I could have ever wanted. I am going to tell everyone I know that if they need a casket to contact you guys. You guys were so helpful and wonderful. My mother looked great in your casket. Thanks again!


Thank you so much. The casket was beautiful and my Dad looked wonderful. God Blessings to you.
~ Freda~

I wanted to say thank you very much for your amazing service. My father was at home under hospice care. He had only been home a few days when it became clear that he was nearing the end and we had not yet made any preparations for his funeral. Knowing we only had hours, we found your website and found a perfect casket at an amazing price---a fraction of what we would have paid had we gone through the funeral home. We ordered it at around 9PM and it was delivered to our door, early the next morning, just exactly when we needed it....and it was beautiful. Thank you for the part your company played in making a difficult time a little bit easier.


To the staff of Fast Caskets, my sincerest thanks for your caring assistance and help at a difficult time for my family and me. My father passed away this week. While the funeral home did take good care of us, I was very concerned about the "package" that they were trying to sell us, which included a choice of two rather low-end caskets. The package cost was well over $9000 plus cemetery fees. I had heard about companies like Fast Caskets which sell funeral merchandise to the public, but I had no experience with this. I called in and you guys immediately put me completely at ease and helped me select a beautiful pine casket for my dad, which was even lined with beautiful velvet. The casket I chose was top of the line, and it was a fraction of the cost of the much lower quality caskets offered in the "package." The pictures on the Internet didn't even come close to representing the beauty and quality of what we were getting. And it was shipped to Georgia in less than 20 hours! I absolutely could not have been more pleased with the result. I can't believe how fortunate I was to have met the guys at your company. My family and I saved thousands and we got a top of the line casket for my dad. I only hope that others will read this and will make the effort to consider their options like I did. God bless you! This was a job well-done, and I am ever grateful.


I was very skeptical about purchasing my casket online, but the casket arrived to the funeral home as you promised. It looks just like the picture shows and it all went well. Thank you for taking care of me during this time of such emotion.


We saw the casket this afternoon and love it! It smells so good too. (Carolina Cedar)


I would like to express my sincere thanks for the services of the folks at Fast Caskets. You guys were supportive and helpful and encouraging at a very difficult time. You went to great lengths to make sure our casket got to the funeral home on time. We loved the Prim Rose casket - it was so perfect for my wife's mom and couldn't have been more beautiful. Again, thanks to all of you for your fine service, products, and for your caring and professional attitude. We appreciate you more than we can say.

~Ed Coles~

I just wanted to thank you so very much for working with me! The casket was BEAUTIFUL and I greatly appreciate your business and for getting it to the funeral home for us. You truly were a God send! May He bless you a hundred-fold!! :)


"I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance through a very difficult time. I have to be honest, at first I was a bit concerned and skeptical about purchasing a casket online, but after viewing what was available through the funeral home I felt that your selection and prices were far more reasonable. From the moment I spoke with you I felt like you were a dear friend I could trust. I placed my order with you on Saturday afternoon, you assured me it would arrive within 24 hours. Sunday morning 10 am it was at the funeral home. When I arrived to inspect the casket it was one of the most beautiful ones there, even the funeral director commented on how impressed he was with the quality and how he could not have come close to matching your price. So many friends commented on what a beautiful casket the "Wellington" was, including the priest. I can't thank you enough for making this difficult time a bit easier... your professionalism and thoughtful words were so comforting at a time when I was very despondent."


THANKS A MILLION for your wonderful service. I called from Virginia and ordered the Briar Rose casket and needed to have it delivered to Spokane Washington by the next morning. As promised by your company, the delivery was made the very next morning and the casket was beautiful. As a result, we were proud to have such a lovely resting place for our beloved mother/grandmother. We highly recommend your company as a five star company and would be happy to be a reference if anyone asks.

~Dee Felker~

I would like to thank you very much for such professional service. You were there in our dear time of need. We have dealt with our local funeral home for over 30 years with many members of our family and friends. Although they have been sold and repurchased by the original owers son. It is just not the same. They have built an extravagant large building with a high class atmosphere and claim to be good old home folk. Well, they are too high and mighty to be home folk servers now. Their prices are out of sight! Our father was a retired farmer and would have expected us to bury him with a simple service and a casket that did not break his bank. With your help we received an absolutely beautiful casket. The "Going Home". The casket itself was so much nicer than what the picture online showed, although the picture online zoomed in was great. Your kindness can never be repaid here on earth but your reqard is definetly awaiting you on the other side. When it arrived at the funeral home, I went and inspected it and it was perfect. I will pass the word to all I can help hold their costs down. I never dreamed of buying a casket on line, but once investigated I knew and felt it was the right thing to do for our brothers and sisters financial situation. Again, May God Bless You always and we may well need you again in the future."

~The Couch Children~

"I was very pleased with the product and service I received form your company. Out of the whole funeral process, buying the casket was the easiest task. The funeral home wanted $2,000 more for the same exact casket. Thank you all so much for being very helpful each time I called. The price was great, the casket was perfect, the delivery was easy and worry free, and I was more than satisfied. You guys should be very proud of the way you conduct business."

~Jessica B~

""When I made the decision to buy a casket for my mother's funeral online, I felt I was taking a huge risk. The service was in 2 days and there was NO ROOM for error! The alternative was buying a mediocre casket from the funeral home at an astronomical price. Fast Caskets Empire Blue Steel casket far surpassed in beauty and quality anything we would have gotten from them, at about 1/6th the price. Your sales rep was phenomenal. He answered his phone every time I called, and the one time he wasn't able to, he got back to me within five minutes. He knew at every moment where that casket was in transit, and kept me apprised from, "it's on the plane over Kansas" to "it's just arrived at JFK" and "it's on the truck 15 minutes away." He never let me feel for one minute that I was on pins and needles or unattended. The casket arrived in perfect condition, at the exact minute it was promised, in a perfect, seamless course. I don't give high praise to many things. Business practices now, in my opinion, are substandard across the board. So it is a lot for me to say this company is awesome. They gave me a quality product, an unbeatable price, perfect service, and an easy transaction at the most difficult moment of my life. The death of my mother is the worst thing I have yet been through. Having to be the responsible one coordinating her funeral when all I wanted to do was curl up and cry made it doubly hard. This is the time in my life I most needed help, and could least afford difficulty and high cost. This company understood all of that. I am deeply grateful to them for the part they played in my mother's memorial."

~Jane Denny~

"The death of my father has been difficult for my family. On top of the grief, my family and I have been undergoing a lot of stress making all the funeral arrangements. During these past few days, dealing with the funeral industry has been an eye-opener for me. I am constantly amazed by how certain people in this industry are more than willing to prey on the grief of others in order to make an extra buck. However, the moment I spoke to you about ordering a casket, you have been the silver lining during this nightmare. Although you were not obligated to do so, you spent a lot of time on the phone with me, informing me of my rights and giving me helpful advice with respect to the other details of the funeral. The funeral director not only wanted to sell me an overpriced casket, but subtly suggested difficulties for me if I ordered a casket elsewhere (he was skating a fine line regarding the FTC's Funeral Rule, but was savvy enough not to come close, but not violate it). When I told you everything that was going on and my discomfort by how I was being treated, you listened and helped me through it. I am so very glad there are people like you whom, and a company like yours that, others can turn to, and rely on, and trust. The casket that I selected with your help arrived at the funeral home today, which was less than 24 hours since we had spoken. The casket is absolutely beautiful, as you described, and I cannot think of a more dignified casket for my father to be buried in. Again, on behalf of my family and especially my dad, I want to thank you for, and will never forget, your kindness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness during such a difficult time for our family."

~The Lee Family~

"During a time of shock and bereavement, when a loved one dies, it is easy to make quick, yet uninformed decisions. When I was told that my father had died, my sister and I decided to research the key items needed to prepare a funeral. I was "surfing" various websites and happened upon, The pictures were clear and the website was easy to navigate. Once we'd selected two different caskets, I called your company and you were able to walk me through the process. I didn't want you to make the decision for me however, your team was most helpful in describing the various types of caskets, and what we should look for in terms of construction." "My father died on a Friday and we'd selected the casket and made most of the funeral arrangements by Sunday evening. The casket arrived in New York, by Monday evening, two full days before the funeral. The casket was outstanding! Many guests attending the funeral commented on the quality of the casket. I would say that ordering through Fastcaskets, with shipping, we saved at least $4,000!. More importantly, we had peace of mind that we'd purchased a quality product. Their products are top shelve, the service is unbeatable- Fastcaskets delivers!"

~C. Jones~

I was very pleased with the product and service I received form your company. Out of the whole funeral process, buying the casket was the easiest task. The funeral home wanted $2,000 more for the same exact casket. Thank you all so much for being very helpful each time I called. The price was great, the casket was perfect, the delivery was easy and worry free, and I was more than satisfied. You guys should be very proud of the way you conduct business.

~Jessica B.~

My main reason for sending this email is to express my sincere gratitude to you for your kindness in helping with the best choice of casket that my daddy was buried with. Your assistance helped with the timely arrival and it all went well. He had a dignified and befitting burial. Once again, thank you so much. May the Special Grace of God Almighty be with you always. May fullness of joy be your portion always. God Bless you

~Ann B~

Thank you Fast Caskets for making a difficult time easier. Ordering the casket was very simple and it was delivered on time. It was so nice that you contacted the funeral home for us so we had one less thing to deal with. The casket was absolutely gorgeous and it was everything you said it would be in our phone conversation. The price was better than any other I could find and the quality of your product and service was high above our expectations. Thanks so much.

~Tori O.~

"I am Joe Conner of Tulsa Oklahoma. My sister of 84 years passed away last week. I contacted your firm and received excellent help in explaining how your firm can produce such a high quality product at a most reasonable price. When the casket arrived it was delivered directly to the funeral home. The person in charge opened the box and proceeded to review the product. HIS reply was " this is a better quality casket than I have upstairs for sale." Whoever is building this certainly knows workmanship. My sister when placed into the casket loked likke a young angel ready to fly. I can only say to a new customer, "BE NOT AFRAID" " Those words were spoken years ago by an angel talking to the mother of Jesus so, Be not afarid, it is quality product."

~Joe Conner~

"Thank you so much for everything regarding the purchase of my Dad's casket. Doing this online for the first time made be very nervous. You followed through with everything and the casket is beautiful. It is so nice to know that there are companies like yours that can be counted on to do what they say especially at a time when there is so much going on. I would highly recommend your company to anyone in the future that might need your assistance, and I would certainly call on you again should the need arise."


"First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the kind and considerate way you dealt with me during a very emotional time. Your sensitivity and humor made it very bearable. Secondly, the casket we picked was gorgeous and exactly what my cousins and I wanted for our Mother/Aunt. Your prompt delivery was appreciated more than you know. I have already recommended Fast Caskets to several people and they were amazed at the cost savings and the ease of the whole process. Thank you again for being the one company that didn't try and gouge us during this difficult period. You will forever have our business when the need arises."

~Danielle W.~

My father was a very prominent man in the community where he lived. We wanted to show off how important and special he was by the casket. When we went to the funeral homes we noticed the very elegant looking caskets but the price tag was not in our range. We then found the same casket on the web for a lot less money. When the casket arrived we were in love with it. It was as beautiful in person as we saw online. Our father looked very good in the Lincoln casket. I love the gold stripe that goes around the edges. Thank you Fast Caskets for helping us with such a beautiful product. We will be sure to recommend you to everyone we know who needs a casket. Hopefully that is never but we know that everyone will need one eventually

~Mrs. Mura.~

The casket arrived just as pictured on the web. My mother looked beautiful in it!

~Jan K~

THANK YOU Rex for doing exactly what you promised. I live in FL and needed a casket delivered to Long Island, NY. I called looking for a "mother's casket" that was feminine and beautiful. Daniel told me that he can replace the standard head panel in any casket for one that says "mother"with roses embroidered on it. I ordered the Briar Rose Casket on Mon, February 20th (a federal holiday) at 11:00 am. The casket arrived on Tues morning! I was nervous about going this route. But, once Rex assured me that the casket and specialized head panel was absolutely beautiful and it would arrive in perfect condition. I decided to go with this casket and prayed it would be delivered as promised. The Briar Rose Casket was actually even more beautiful in person. I could not be more relieved and grateful that we purchased this casket! We would be proud to highly recommend Rex and Fast Caskets to anybody that is in need of a casket. I am so appreciative of Rex for his patience and guidance!

~Debbie L~

I had a dire situation come up and was in need of a casket within 36 hours. I called Fast Caskets at 3:00 P.M. and was promised my casket would arrive within the specified time frame. It showed up in less than 24 hours, looked AMAZING, and cost 35% less than what a funeral home quoted me. I could not have been more satisfied and will keep in mind if the need arises again.

~Tyrone S~

The American Red Cedar casket was absolutely beautiful. You and your staff's help was outstanding during such a critical time. Thank you so very much!

~Dawn B.~